Helping Business Owners Find Peace of Mind

Our purpose is to help business owners navigate this complex world and build sustainable systems to create the impact they desire to have with their business.   


Our Values

Authentic Enablement:  Show up as you are & create space for others to do the same. 

    • We own our own experience and knowledge while acknowledging what we don’t know
    • We reserve judgement to allow others to show up as their authentic self
    • We believe lived experiences even if they are different than our own.

Relentless Tenacity:  Don’t give up on the dream, forge a new path when things get hard.

    • We think creatively when faced with a roadblock
    • We ask good questions to help find a solution
    • We get clear about the goal and then flexible on the path

Empathy: Believe people and their experiences even if they are not your own.

    • We are able to accept other people’s opinions without having to agree with them
    •  We put ourselves in other people’s shoes and consider the impact of our actions
    • We walk alongside people’s journey, never in front or behind.

Curiosity: Be endlessly curious, rarely convicted.

    • We seek to understand 
    • We ask purposeful questions
    • We explore the world around us and find inspiration all around us.

Never Stop Learning: We look for the lesson and use it to be and do better.

    •  We always look for opportunities to grow and learn
    • We reflect regularly to ensure we are offering the best service possible
    • We actively seek feedback and put it into action.
    • Spark Joy – We are always on the lookout to make someone smile.

Inspired Kindness: We are always on the lookout to make someone smile.

    •  We give first 
    • We look for ways to help our clients & community feel supported
    • We lead by example and hope the riplle continues.


We believe entrepreneurship has the power to change the world. We offer the support to help people fulfil their life’s potential. When we feel whole, we can change the world. 

Let's Get In Touch
Let's Get In Touch

Hi, I’m Jen!

Our Mother & Founder

Lead Strategist

I am passionate about helping women discover their and. I am a mother and the founder of Mother + Founder Co. For the last 13 years I have been working with executive leadership teams to improve team performance and develop strategies to grow their businesses. I have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of teams and organizations. In 2020, I was honored as the Business Woman of the Year by the Tempe Chamber of Commerce.

I am the proud mama to three amazing kiddos including two kiddos on the Autism Spectrum (shout out to all the special needs mama’s – I see you!). I am married to an amazing man who is my rock and calm inside the beautiful chaos that is life. We live in beautiful Gilbert, Arizona. In my spare time I love working out and going for a solo run! 

Hi, I’m Brett

Our Father & Creative Director

Lead Creative 

Brett graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in 2009 and has been taking pictures ever since his little fingers could hold a camera. He has a keen eye and is great at finding the perfect shot. After an 11 year career in finance, he is heading back to his creative roots and cannot wait to help your marketing campaigns & social media shine!

Why Grow With Us?


Businesswomen of the Year

Jen was recognized as the Tempe Chamber Businesswoman of the Year in 2020. This prestigious award is given to one woman each year in recognition to their service and commitment to the local business community. Jen was recognized for her leadership and her impact throughout the small business community.


We Stand in Our Purpose

We help women navigate the complexities of motherhood & entrepreneurship to heal the world & inspire generations. We believe that the world will be a better place when we are healed on an individual and collective level. Women will lead the way forward.


Find the beauty of the AND

There is no light without the darkness. When we can wrap our minds around the fact that two seemingly opposing things can be true at the same time we find a new sense of ease. 


Over a decade of experience

Our team has over a decade of experience helping businesses, teams and individuals grow and achieve their goals. 

Business woman of the year award

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