Strategic Planning for Business Owners

A proven process to consistently and sustainably achieve results



Strategic Planning for Business Owners


Percentage of Small Businesses that fail during the first 5 years



Percentage of Small Businesses that survive past year 5 that use a strategic plan


Percentage of Business Owners that are unsure if their marketing strategies are working


A clear and actionable plan is critcial to your long term success.

Strategic Planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can actually be pretty simple. Like most things in life, it’s consistency that matters most. 

I am so beyond happy and motivated after meeting with Jen Burwell for business strategic planning. Not only does she have relatable and actionable exercises but also has a way to pull you out of the weeds and look ahead. I have already implemented my timeline action steps and feel much better about my year 5-year and 10-year goals! If you are a business owner that might be stuck in old ways and need some inspiration with solid advice book a session with Jen!

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