Trauma Integration

healing from within 



What is Trauma?

Trauma is the body’s response to something that overwhelms the brain’s ability to cope. Trauma is not merely the event itself. Trauma is also the shock response within. Trauma response is a shock to the body, mind and spirit. In the moment of crisis, the prefrontal cortex shuts down and the survival portion of the brain takes over (fight, flight, freeze, fawn). The brain prioritizes survival above everything else. The trauma response is very multi-dimensional visceral memory within your body.


What is Trauma Integration?

Trauma Integration is a self-directed approach to expressing and releasing experienced trauma. The answers come from within. We hold space to allow the integration and healing to take place.


If you are looking for…


Healing from childhood wounds


A way to get un-stuck


A safe place to process past events


A new perspective


Trauma Integration could be for you! 

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