Episode 1

Are You Looking for a Solution or Support?

In this episode, you will learn the tools that both Kristi & G. use to be the best version of themselves. If you are a business owner, leader, or parent there is surely something you will relate to!


Are You Looking for-a Solution or Support? E1

We kicked off episode one of our new podcast and radio show with two long-time friends and amazing business leaders, G. Parekh of Parsus Solutions and Kristi Bell of Bell & Associates.

In the decade that we have known each other both G. and Kristi have grown successful businesses. Kristi also became a mother and tells us about life navigating a pandemic, being a leader, and also mothering two young boys. She reflects on how flexibility and transparency have been critical to navigating these uncertain times. She shares a simple question that has helped her both personally and professionally.

G. shares his journey of growing a successful technology company and reflects on how critical his people are to the success of his business. We talk about the things that originally brought our unlikely crew together and the things we still share in common.

In this episode, you will learn the tools that both Kristi & G. use to be the best version of themselves. If you are a business owner, leader, or parent there is surely something you will relate to!


The Founders of Parsus spent years at large multinational consulting firms like IBM and KPMG. What they saw were a ton of good ideas and “best practices” in delivering solutions, but also a bureaucracy with layers upon layers of management.

The emphasis at these companies was on profits. Delivery of projects was fraught with unnecessary red-tape and paperwork. Smaller, low-priority projects were used as training grounds for novice developers. Hours were counted endlessly to enable mid-level paper-pushing managers earn fat bonuses. Quality was compromised at the expense of time and money.

The idea of Parsus was born with a few simple philosophies:

>> Deliver top-notch quality by creating an environment that pushes the boundaries of thinking
>> Encourage people to work smarter, not harder
>> Provide simple, effective, maintainable solutions
>> Follow simple and nimble delivery frameworks to eliminate inefficiency and keep costs low
>> Create an ethos of honesty, trust and respect with emphasis on family and healthy living

The idea of Parsus took shape with the philosophy based on Occam’s Razor; aka the Principle of Parsimony. The word “Parsus” is the root of the word Parsimony. While there are various translations of the original text of Occam’s Razor, we have adopted the following as our basic mantra:

“If you have two equally likely solutions to a problem, choose the simplest.”

We built upon this simple idea and created our basic cornerstones:

>> Hire “experts” who are easy to work with and reward them again and often
>> Give preference to quality over cost or time
>> Encourage “out-of-the-box” thinking; encourage use of new technologies (when appropriate)
>> Respect personal lives of everyone we work with (family and health always come first)

G-Parekh-Phoenix-Business-RadioX2Born in India, G. Parekh completed his MBA from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland before working for a small minority-owned company that sponsored him for his permanent residency.

He then moved on to KPMG before moving to Arizona around the turn of the century. After a brief stint with a couple of small tech consulting firms, he formed Parsus in 2002 with his business partner Rahul Patel.

G. is an avid runner and road bicyclist. He has run all 6 marathon majors (Boston, Chicago, New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo) and also participated in several triathlons.

Lately, G. has revived his childhood wildlife and birding hobby. You will find G. hiking the trails of North Scottsdale with his binoculars and camera trying to identify every bird. Yep, he’s a birdnerd!

Connect with G on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


Bell and Associates Consulting is a full service wholesale insurance brokerage agency, offering a comprehensive array of life insurance products as well as experienced marketing and underwriting support needed in today’s competitive marketplace.

Incorporated in 1981, Bell & Associates has grown a one man operation into a robust business employing more than 15 personnel providing services to over 300 brokers in 40+ states. Representing insurance companies nationwide, Bell & Associates Consulting currently maintains itself as a leading marketing organization for multiple insurance carriers.

Whether you are an experienced financial advisor or estate planning attorney, a small business owner or starting a new family, they present advanced life insurance marketing expertise in the areas of Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer strategies as well as in the extremely complex area of Executive Benefit Plan design and Premium Finance.

Their office can provide the extra insight and knowledge necessary to promote effective sales discussions and has the ability to train professionals of varied backgrounds to perform at a successful level.

Kristi-Bell-Phoenix-Business-RadioXThey call Kristi Bell the sheriff. She runs a lean and mean operation at Bell & Associates, serving as the practice management specialist overseeing operations. She tries to be fair while also clearly being able to make fun of herself along the way to bring the testament “work hard, play hard” to the job.

Outside of the office you’ll find Kristi riding her trusty steed nicknamed “The Black Beauty”, a triathlon bike, or trying to round up the elusive 80 pound rascal (aka Labrador retriever) named Blue. And in recent years, spending time growing her family, as a mother of 2 boys. Each keeps her equally alert and skills honed to bring her best to everything she does at work or play.

A bean counter by trade, having graduated from the University of San Diego taking a job as auditor with Ernst & Young, you would not have imagined to find Kristi keeping the peace at the corral, yet that’s where you’ll find her; working alongside her father, brother and their esteemed team.